hugenerdPhantasma - Contract Tester

How to Interact with the Contract Tester

Note: Before doing anything, you must choose whether to use your API, Localnet (Spook Running on your machine) the official Phantasma Testnet or the Phantasma Mainnet.

  1. Select the desired API.
  2. Select the Contract that you want to test.
  3. Connect to the contract by signing in using Poltergeist or Ecto.
  4. If you receive the Status Not Connected, after signing in using your wallet, an error must occured - if so, please reload the page and try again.
  5. Select the desired method to test, and fill in the required parameters.
  6. Make an InvokeScript or SendTransaction call to test vaious aspects of your contract.

  • InvokeScript or InvokeRawScript are used to call the chain without changing it - it fetches values from the chain without changing its state.
  • SendTransaction is used to make calls to the chain resulting in a changed state.

Contract Call

Contract Input / Arguments


Contract Call Output.